Lots of pipesmokers and pipe collectors ask us how it is possible to have such a great variety of pipe models and what’s more, so many finishing touches, materials and different aged pipes.

There are no tricks or cheats, only J.M. Alberto Paronelli’s intense dedication and great passion, a good dose of forward thinking and a little bit of luck. Between the two World Wars Alberto Paronelli established an office in Milan (Via Filodrammatici, close to La Scala theater). It was committed to the exportation of Italian pipes. In the same period a great demand of foreign pipes was spreading in Italy. In the Sixties and the Seventies Alberto Paronelli imported up to 25 most important brands: 5 were Danish, 4 French, 8 English and then Dutch, Swiss, and even one from Spain.

The antique pipes we offer are selected according to artistic, historical, commemorative or affinity parameters or because they are qualitatively valuable as for provenance, old age, material choice, make, design and rarity.

All the pipes in our catalogue have never been smoked: their functionality is fully guaranteed.