Paronelli attaches great importance to the preparation of the ” briar block “.
To obtain a good pipe is followed strict criteria.
The root is grown directly, under the supervision of Ariberto, in the best geographical areas of Italy (Sardinia and Calabria).Thanks to the Mediterranean climate this plant grows best ensuring a high quality product.
It got off the ground in the period from October to March ( when the plant is at rest and therefore devoid of sap which would make the final product bitter ).
The skill of a good sawyer is to cut the log in the various plates in such a way as to make the most of the grain of the future pipe.
Extremely important is boiling. It is done to stabilize and purify the piece of briar (which grow under the ground absorbs all the minerals and tannins ). The boiling lasts for about 15 hours (every hour is removed and replaced with ¼ of clean water). At the end of this process you get a water color of blood containing all the bad substances that were present in the briar block.
Finished this process each plates seasoning and drying. This process can vary from 2 to 5 years. Paronelli is capable of producing pipes made from briar minimum ageing of 70 years (plaques prepared by the founder JEAN MARIE ALBERTO PARONELLI at the time of the foundation in 1945).
With this strict criteria Paronelli is able to get a root good from the first smoke.


GRADE ** : Excellent flame derived from the root plate
GRADE *** : Entirely flare and bird’s eye derived from the root plate

All the Pipes Paronelli produced from July 2014 can also be recognized by a briar dot on the mouthpiece.