The break in is the most important step so the pipe acquires its unique flavor and becomes “our” pipe.
The blackening process, also known as “culottage”, will form a carbon layer inside the bowl. It will absorb moisture and protect the briar wall.
Some advice treating a new pipe with whiskey, cognac, honey, etc. It’s not always necessary.
Remember that the briar is completely dehydrated due to its seasoning, and very fragile at first lightnings.
A prolonged and large fire may damage the pipe.
Here are some simple rules to follow for a perfect breaking in:

  1. For the first five smokes, fill a third of the pipe, tamping quite down the tobacco.
  2. How to break in a pipe

  3. For the next five smokes, fill the pipe with the same technique, only till half of the bowl.
  4. How to break in a pipe

  5. Never scrape the growing carbon layer off during the cleaning of the pipe. The break in would have to start over again.