Daily cleaning
After every smoke, especially if unsuccessful, remove any tobacco remnants from the bottom and the walls of the chamber by using the reamer, clean the little well between the mortise and the bowl from any moisture or ash remnants, and then pass one or more pipe cleaners into the shank and mouthpiece.
Only in this way your pipe be always in perfect condition and, far from being smelly as insinuated by its detractors, will emit a particular fragrance, a guarantee of excellent smokes.
It’s important to remember that maintenance shouldn’t be carried out when the pipe is still warm, and to wait for the pipe to cool down first. To remove combustion residue, che pipe can be gently tapped against the palm of the hand (always hold it by the shank, not the mouthpiece, to avoid breaking the floc) or against the cork or rubber knocker of the ashtray.