An important aim of the museum is to promote discussions, meetings, cultural changes, technical and economical information and to share experiences among enthusiasts, experts and agents coming from all over the world.

That’s why we often participate in exhibitions in many European countries. This has made the museum popular outside of Italy.

Sala dell'accademia internazionale della pipa

Académie Internationale de la Pipe

The museum is also the head office of the Académie Internationale de la Pipe, founded by Alberto Paronelli and eight European and American members in 1984 (through registration before a notary in Gavirate). This international non-profit organisation promotes initiatives aimed at sharing knowledge via publications, promotion works and expert advice. Every year seminars in different countries are run. For the first time in 1985 a five-day meeting took place in eastern countries. Enthusiasts, collectors and the most importantly public and private museums worldwide continuously keep in touch through exchanges and collaborations and twinships.