In conclusion to the history of this little known branch we must make mention: snuff boxes, exotic pipes, cigarette and cigar holders, pipe cleaners of all kinds, pipe holders, matches, lighters and more.

The fascinating shells collection deserves a special mention. In Polynesia some local populations smoked pipes made with certain shell varieties.

Collezione di Conchiglie e fossili

Shells collection

The collection of German and Austrian porcelain beer pitchers (Bierkruger) is also remarkable. It counts several hundreds pieces.

Caraffe da birra

Beer pitchers

The museum is proud to house a five million-year-old petrified log of Erica Arborea (found in Sardinia) that proves that briar is a prehistoric plant to be considered one of the ancestors of the plant kingdom of Earth.

Erica arborea pietrificata di 50 milioni di anni

Five million-year-old petrified log of Erica Arborea