At the end of 2005 the collection counted more than 30,000 pieces. Pipes, tools, machinery, paper volumes, chinaware, earthenware are part of it.

Machinery (about thirty pieces) is very different. We mention four very impressive foot lathes dating back to more than one century ago.

Antico tornio francese in legno

French antique wood lathe

NIn the museum there are pieces coming from these countries:

Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Holland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Denmark, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Philippines, African States, China, USA, Russia, Korea and others.

Utensili del 900 per la lavorazione delle pipe

antique tools

The following wood types were also used: briars, marasca cherry, olive and oleaster, juniper, oak, apple tree, box, mulberry, rose, lemon, orange, cypress, ebony, rosewood, etc.